"Your data tells a story"

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But don't worry. The very basics are still on here. Go to my services to read about what I do. Go to my clients if you're interested in with whom I've worked before. My goal is to make sure SME owners are made aware of how valuable their data is. To others, but also to themselves. With the right tools you can make enormously profitable decisions without having to make too many budget cuts ... if any. This is my mission, partly. To help abridge the gap between data science and business management. 

Before long my website will be fully up and running again. In the meanwhile ... 

My Services


Where does your data come from? How can you collect it? Which channels work better and which need optimisation? Thorough analysis offers you basic insight on how well your business is performing.


Putting our analysis together. Are there any trends? Any clear opportunities for optimisation? How could we improve your business? Data intelligence is mandatory and helps you in making the funded business decisions.


After I gathered analytics and intelligence, we look for a way to clearly visualise insights. Integrating them in an interactive dashboard, renders you able to monitor and adjust accordingly.


If you want more information while the website is still under maintenance, don't hesitate to contact me. 
You're always welcome to ask any questions, or ... just to have a chat, of course.

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Hi, I am Peter Clancy.

3Quence, data science and the KMO-Portefeuille. These are the things I occupy myself with. What this exactly means?
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