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Every business generates data, yet only a few actually make use of it. Belgian SMEs are missing sales opportunities resulting from their lack of data usage and digitisation even though pressure from online e-tailers intensifies every day. It's hard to keep up, but it's necessary. 3Quence guides businesses infinding usable data, analysing it and compiling pragmatic, action-based, business intelligence reports which are visually appealing and can be converted to dashboards. This ensures businesses don't miss business opportunities. 

data analysis

Data is accumulating in businesses at an increasing rate on a day by day basis. This data generally "just there", not doing anything and not used for anything. Data Analytics takes this data and makes it useful. Through various techniques the data is analysed in different ways to understand what use it may have and how you can make better decisions in your business. 

business Intelligence

Data is lurking in all corners of your business, and in some cases it is collected and analysed, therefore it is not providing maximum value. As a result of analysing the data, insights can indicate business improvements. Data Intelligence analyses the data and looks for patterns and anomalies. This information can then be used to expand existing services and make new investments or expand a client base.


Dashboarding gives businesses a visually clear understanding of operational performance because they need to know what works well. Visualisations and dashboards are therefore the best way to show progress. Contradicting good business practice, outdated information is still used in dashboards because businesses are not sure what data is available and when. As a result, they're prone to make poor business decision based on bad data. 3Quence helps you identify the Key Process Indicators (KPIs) that are right for your business. 

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Peter Clancy

Through over 20 years experience in Project Management, Estimation and Data Science, I use my passion for numbers and data to improve your business. In days of rapid digitisation it's crucial to understand your data.

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