What is Data Intelligence?

Data is lurking in all corners of your business, and in some cases it is collected and analysed, therefore it is not providing value.

As a result of analysing the data, insights will indicate how the business can be improved, consequently concrete actions can be identified. 

Data Intelligence goes one step further due to the way in which the data is analysed for patterns and anomalies.

Finally, this information could be used to expand existing services and make new investments or expand a client base.



Identify insights through detailed analysis of business data and, as a result, expand business opportunities.

Deep LEarning

Focus on the patterns contained in the data so that predictions can be made on how decisions will impact the business.


Reporting provides clarity on insights gained from applying data intelligence techniques. As a result of this the stakeholders should all have the same understanding of the insights.

"With the help of 3Quence we could realise savings of €91,000. Pete  analysed our organisation structure, price offers and invoices to identify savings. The analysis didn't just indicate where the problems were but also provided concrete actions to be taken to realise the savings."

Kim Geerts
MD, Geerts HS

Do you want more out of your data?

3Quence can help identify new opportunities through better insights into your data.