Creating dashboards is crucial when you analyse, visualise and present data. They offer a clear way to explain the best course of action to make business decision. However, when they are inaccurate you lose credibility or worse: you get the wrong picture of how your business is performing. 

Winstgevende offertes

This training and information are only available in Dutch. 
Winstgevende offertes maken heeft alles te maken met data. Het gaat voornamelijk over project management: hoe zorg ik ervoor dat je juiste schattingen leert te maken? 

Upcoming Trainings

On this page you will read all about my upcoming trainings, revolving around dashboarding, analysis, and much more. Curious as to how I organise these trainings? Check out my previous training about

Risk Management
(coming soon)

How can data help you manage risks? 

Project Estimation
(coming soon)

As an experienced project manager I will soon give a training on how to estimate projects with data. 

I am a recognised KMO Portefeuille trainer & advise provider, which means you will be able to recover up to 40% of your expenses.