Your data tells a story

There is still a large gap between Data Science and business. Often SME owners find it difficult to make enough time to properly gather, analyse and monitor their data.
This results in problems interpreting that data and producing visualisations such as dashboards to help track business success.

Let 3Quence help you tell the story of your business through your data!

Mission Statement

3Quence’ mission is to help companies improve their business. It helps them tell their stories though data insights.

The gap between how businesses understand their data and how their data can be used is very large.  Through clear visualisations 3Quence bridges this gap so that companies can make informed business decisions.

Your data tells a story, and 3Quence tells it through analysis, intelligence and dashboarding.


We believe in openness and honesty


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We continuously deliver the same quality


Our customer goals are always in mind


We respect our customers clients and employees

Vision Statement

Thorough analysis and implementation of strategies, derived from data, offers a way to make founded business decisions.

3Quence strives to render SME owners able to grasp the importance of data. Next to short-term solutions, courses are organised to spread the knowledge about data science and business intelligence.

In the long term, every business owner should be able to internally manage data and adjust strategies accordingly.

Founder and CEO of 3Quence

Peter Clancy

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