Your data tells a story

Why do we need a story ? Since the dawn of man, people tell stories because they want people to remember.

In todays world, businesses needs to be able to tell their stories both internally and externally so that they can make the right decisions that support their customers.

Often business owners find it difficult to find time to properly gather, analyse and visualise their data and, as a result, they are making poor decisions.
This negatively impacts business success.

3Quence guides critical decision-making by helping you tell the story of your business through your data!

Mission Statement

3Quence’ mission is to help companies improve their business by helping them tell their stories though data insights.

The gap between understanding business data and how data can be used is very large.  Through clear visualisations 3Quence bridges this gap so that companies can make informed business decisions.

Your data tells a story, and 3Quence helps you tell it through analysis, intelligence and dashboarding.


We believe in openness and honesty


We deliver what we promise


We continuously deliver high quality


Our customer goals are our priority


We respect all those we deal with.

Vision Statement

We help businesses take control by helping them understand their data.

In addition to short-term solutions, courses are organised to help business focus on the decisions they need to take now.

3Quence does this through analysing business data which can be used to make critical decisions.

Every business needs to have the tools to make the right decisions.

Founder and CEO of 3Quence

Peter Clancy

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